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Here you´ll find frequently asked questions and suitable answers.

How long have you been taking pictures?

I started photography at the beginning of 2019. Since then, I've had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people and covering over 30  wonderful weddings so far. 

How many images will I receive?

Of course, I can't promise an exact number in advance. However, you will not receive a limited selection but all the pictures that turned out well exclusively in the edited state.

When will I receive the edited pictures?

I try to provide an online gallery with a pre-selection of about 10-20 edited images on the day after the shooting or wedding. This gives you a good first impression. When you will receive the rest of the images varies depending on the season and effort.

How long does a shooting take?

A normal shooting takes about 45 minutes.

What does a wedding reportage costs?

My prices are just like my couples, completely individual. Accordingly, each wedding is different and with different requirements. In this case, it is important for me to first find out how you imagine your wedding and then we will discuss the price, which depends on the number of hours you want and the distance. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact me without any obligation.

Do you have vouchers?

You can also give away a gift certificate or a certain amount of money as a deposit for a wedding. You will receive the voucher nicely packaged by mail. Just contact me by mail or Instagram.



Share your vision with me and we'll work out the best plan for your special day.

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