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Our story: 

I´m Vicky, 24 years old and already married for 2 years to the best man in the world.

Our wedding was not only the beginning of our love story but also the start of our "career" as photographers.

After planning and designing our own wedding and helping a lot with the weddings of our friends, we discovered our passion for detail. We realized how important it is to have a reliable companion before and during the wedding, who knows the concept and the bride and groom and who knows which are the decisive moments of a wedding. 

We decided without further ado to turn our joy of photography into a profession and to be that companion who can empathize with the couples and capture their big day from their point of view.

Our life: 

We are at home in Cologne/Germany, love good food, celebrate life and love, are passionate vacationers and most of all devout Christians. 

We love meeting new people and their personal love stories, which is why every wedding is special to us.

How we work:

Since we have been married, we have been covering weddings as a duo. Either both as photographers to enable a wedding reportage from different perspectives or I photograph alone and Markus takes over the wedding video.


With a wedding reportage it is very important to us that you recognize yourselves in your photos and videos. We put special emphasis on unposed photos and therefore focus on the moments in which you are real - laughing, crying and dancing, but also the small inconspicuous moments that make your wedding so unique.


Over the past two years, we've had the privilege of meeting many great people and families, and even making friends through photography.

No one spends as much time with you on your big day as the photographer. From getting ready to the last dance, we are at your side, which is why getting to know you personally before your wedding is so important to us. Besides wedding photography

I also photograph couples and newborns.


If you are interested in any of our services, we are looking forward to meeting you.


You can contact us via Instagram or the contact form. Your request is of course completely non-binding and does not commit you to any purchase.

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